Emerging from the pandemic has never felt so good! Freedom is here at last, and the country is ready to don the party shoes and kick start life once again … and all in time for the festive season. In light of the pandemic, it’s easy to forget that over five years ago we were plunged into the epicentre of Brexit turmoil only drawing to a conclusion in December 2020.

Where we could once ship containers from the Far East without a second thought, we are still facing hikes in shipping prices, long leads, materials shortages, larger MOQ’s, increased labour costs, high carbon footprint impact and naturally this doesn’t account admin involved in the additional red tape or restrictions.

However, despite all the rubble around us there is much hope. We have been thrown off the conveyer belt of normality and forced to live life differently. With an unquestionable environmental benefit to less travel, lower emissions, buying locally, purchasing quality not quantity, supporting small businesses and an almost heroic focus by each one of us to take responsibility for our actions both in health and purchasing habits, we have certainly seen a silver lining to a seemingly very grey cloud.