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Rollo London was founded by Alexandra Fagan, the former creative director of luxury accessories brand Beauchamps of London.

Struggling to find elegant, sustainable, good quality, affordable notebooks and desk accessories, Alexandra set about designing her own. ‘I wanted beautiful classic pieces starting with a book,’ Alexandra explains, ‘in which everyone could record their dreams, wishes, songs, poems, doodles, lists, notes, thoughts and experiences.’

Based in her stunning Buckinghamshire studio, now the Rollo London HQ, Alexandra took all the best elements of her previous brand and further inspiration from her surroundings to create a tactile, stylish yet long lasting collection which would stand the test of time. Every piece has a unique personality and tells its own story. One of the beauties of the Rollo London brand is the ability to mix and match collections. Whether you stick with a full set of Rollo accessories or interchange between Rollo, Otto and Coco, they all work in harmony together.

Each Collection has its own characteristics; Rollo; the most luxury and elegant member of the family, known for beautiful textured cover material, specialist book block, 3D charm (Alexandra’s family greyhound, Rollo) and sharp tailoring. Otto; the mischievous one and the most versatile of them all – aka; the chameleon! Boasting of our hand-drawn covers developed by the in-house design team, these allow for the ultimate colour matching options. These are smooth in feel but carefully designed to look heavily textured. Not only striking, Otto items are affordable and ideal for those who get through books at speed! Coco; the chic, environmental, ultra-sophisticated member of the family – aka; the one who means business! The Coco books are perfect stationery cupboard fillers (for corporates only), with a soft spot-patterned cover in our ‘Earth’ material, milled in Scotland. Repurposed; the newest addition to our stable - we find materials destined for landfill and create something beautiful, after all, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Sustainability is core to the brand’s ethos. ‘We believe that you only need buy once, but buy well,’ affirms Alexandra. ‘Our products are British-made using certified supply chains and environmentally friendly materials. The notebooks are all made to last so price is key – if it’s too low someone or something else is paying. It’s environmentally friendly to buy something you’ll use until the end of its life and treasure with pride long after you’ve written on the final page.’ She continues: ‘Every product tells a story. It can be about where it came from or how it’s made, but we’re seeing that Brexit is increasingly encouraging people to buy locally and buy British. Plus, so many people are now working from home and seeking out beautiful, affordable luxury products to cheer up their home offices. That’s why we’ve launched our complementary Desk Collection.’

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, a treat for yourself or to start purchasing responsibly, Rollo London has something for everyone. Rollo London has made the ordinary, extraordinary.


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