What does it actually mean to have an ‘environmentally responsible’ or ‘sustainable’ product? … Such statements are thrown about often with little supporting evidence, so at Rollo London we embraced the following philosophy.

Every Rollo London product must bear the unmistakable trademark of quality, functionality and exquisite craftsmanship. When designing the Rollo London pieces, Alex understood the importance of attention to detail and unique design features; including our eye-catching charm, which is why Rollo collections are exclusively produced in our specialist factories and every product designed with these capabilities in mind. Not only does this ensure seamless production but simultaneously allows us to maintain our design edge, monitor manufacturing methods, ecological impact and develop and diversify as required.

“Sustainability is a journey, a journey of the full life of a product and a story which we can all be a part of. Buy once, buy well. Use a product to the end of its life. Choice is a luxury which gives us the influence to change which in itself is empowering and exciting. Price is key, if it’s too low someone or something else is paying. Choosing products which are good quality, and you will keep forever is sustainability.” Alex Fagan – Founder of Rollo London