The Animal Human Relationship Founder and owner of Rollo London speaks openly about the importance of the animal / human relationship whilst reflecting upon how these majestic creatures have helped her get through some of her toughest times and why it’s been so important to incorporate them into the heart of the brand.

The interaction between animals and humans is age old. Whether you work with animals, own pets, or use them within a profession (medical, military, etc) the relationship and diversity is limitless.

Brought up in outside London, animals have been central to Alex’s life. From farm animals to pets, you name it. Alex says, ‘life was unglamorous but idyllic’. ‘Where there are animals there is always a responsibility’ but Alex recalls ‘It wasn’t until I moved to London that I realised how vital they were to day-to-day wellbeing’... ‘where you have something depending on you, you have to think of them first, even if you are having a bad day, you can’t ignore them’. Whilst this may seem to some as being a burden, it has been well proven that canines are often used to aid addiction recovery as well as well as depression amongst multiple other medical conditions. Having battled with health herself, Alex credits her animals, namely dogs and horses for her recuperation. It was the hours of caring for them which brought welcome relief slowly leading to complete recovery. Alex now has her gorgeous home bread Labrador, Magic who accompanies her everywhere and has been an inspiration throughout lockdown.

Often asked about why the greyhound was used as the face of Rollo, Alex explains ‘as well the symbolism, this is very much a family breed’. New members of the charm family soon to be launched include the leopard and monkey.