19th July 2021: FREEDOM DAY… a day many gave up believing it would ever arrive, but arrive it did, and after many false starts we are ready to spread our wings and fly the nest.

The question is, how are YOU looking to spend your newfound freedoms?

Everyone will have their own vision of how this will look. For some it’s simply being able to host more people indoors, for others it’s leaving their (now very established) home office in a bid to return to the proper office whilst for others it’s about traveling the world.

In our last blog we looked at how we as a team got through lockdown and merited a few of the benefits we took from this unexpected experience. The question is, will the world re revert to old ways or will we be able to find a hybrid model to use going forward?

In the meantime, as the 'new', new normal starts to find its feet, I’m sure most of us will be