We are absolutely thrilled to launch REPURPOSED BY ROLLO.

Rollo London prides itself on always providing a beautiful writing experience with our stunning, luxury notebooks, and we follow strict eco guidelines to ensure that we are always sustainable and environmentally responsible. However, we wanted to do more, and so we have started Repurposed by Rollo. Our aim is to gather materials heading for landfill, i.e., end of roll fabrics, discarded samples, and repurpose them in to beautiful things, starting with notebooks. ​ Because this line is all about repurposing, we cannot plan ahead, and we can never guarantee a restock, so what is listed will be sold on a first come, first served basis. To this end, we have decided to partner with Wolf & Badger to ensure that this important step forward in keeping materials out of landfill, is spread far and wide. Click the link below to shop...repurposed from Wolf & Badger, or follow the Rollo link for our lines...

All books are handmade using our exquisite materials, end of line charms and some of the UK's finest craftsmanship. Materials are of the highest quality (Italian leather) once used by designer brands but on a journey to waste... that was until it was rescued and 'repurposed' . These pieces really are special and if they were at full retail prices would be sitting at a prices closer to that of Smythsons.