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There is still much debate as to whether we will all go back to work as normal, or whether a hybrid model will be adopted.

Only time will provide accurate data, but in the meantime many studies have been undertaken to predict the future.

Forbes recently published a study with the following statistics:

· 55% say productivity increased when working from home

· 30% say productivity remained the same as pre lockdown

· 30% say ability to collaborate in a virtual environment increased

· 33% say collaborative ability remained the same

· 75% saw a cost saving working from home

· 50% like video conferences

· 14% dislike video conferences/ working via zoom

· 70% felt working from home didn’t affect promotions or advancements


· 50% now have an office set up

· 24% have a home office

· 34% now have dedicated working space

Problems / Fears

· 35% had issues stopping at the end of the day and unplugging from work

· 28% found constant technical issues a nightmare

· 26% found wifi an issue

· 28% were frustrated with non work-related distractions

· Majority of people were nervous of commuting to work or working in open plan spaces following covid statistics.

Long term

· 66% hope working from home or hybrid model will continue

Morgan Stanley published a statistic noting that despite the vaccine roll out, by August 2021 only 1/3 of white-collar workers were back in the office.

Long Term issues:

· Easy burn out due to long hours and no differentiation between work and home

· Poor personal relationships

· Lacking in motivation

· Zoom fatigue

· No chemistry via zoom

· Poor team relationships when WFH

· Poor trust

· Poor teamwork

Whilst the future models remain unclear, what is evident is that familiarity in the face of uncertainty is vital for a consistent output.

In the same way a house becomes a home when you have your favourite accessories around you, the same can be said for an office. It’s less about the location and more about how you make the space suitable for working in.

Therefore, easy to move accessories are a simple and easy way to consistantly transform a room.

With beautiful desk mats, mouse mates, coasters, desk blocks and notebooks, our beautiful and environmentally friendly pieces are easy to buy, come in a myriad of colours and affordable. Rollo pieces make for a strikingly coordinated, sophisticated calm space.

Over the coming months we will be looking at our favourite desk layouts – keep an eye out on Instagram @rollo_ldn


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