Rollo London Stationery, luxury notebooks bound with faux leather and decorated with a gold charm.  The perfect gift or Christmas present

Our Story

"Where can I find a stylish, good quality, sustainable and affordable notebook?" - that was the question Alex Fagan asked, which propelled her into the world of stationery. Former Creative Director of Beauchamps of London, a luxury accessories brand, discovered that there was a huge gap in the market. Alex set about designing a series of environmentally responsible notebooks to stand the test of time, both in aesthetic and quality.

Alex's vision was to offer a classic notebook with a modern twist. A multi-use book for everyone, for every use. A place to write your songs, dreams, wishes, lists, poems, doodles, meeting notes, thoughts and a place to record your experiences.


Rollo London's collections now cover the full desk with a wide range of accessories suitable for the home and office.


Rollo London as a brand is timeless, eye-catching, sophisticated and full of surprises.

Collections include:

  • Rollo; the most luxury and elegant member of the family, known for beautiful cover material, 3D charm and sharp tailoring.

  • Otto; the one with the cheeky personality and the most versatile of them all – aka; the chameleon!

  • Coco; the chic, environmental, ultra-sophisticated member of the family – aka; the one who means business!

Every Rollo product bears the unmistakable trademark of quality, functionality and exquisite craftsmanship. When designing the Rollo London pieces, Alex understood the importance of attention to detail which is why Rollo collections are exclusively produced in our specialist factories located in the UK and Far East. 

With over a decade of experience developing international supply chains for the luxury sector, Alex has a clear understanding of what it takes to deliver beautiful products globally. Every product is developed with our unique capabilities in mind ensuring sophisticated and seamless production. 

At Rollo London we offer a number of services in order to meet all our client’s needs, from corporate gifting and branding, to single book personalisation. One of our team members is always on hand to discuss our products and services in more detail. 

We value quality and design, every element of the design and manufacturing has been carefully considered.

The ordinary has become extraordinary. 

love Alex

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