An Interview with photographer Nico Wills

During this series we will be interviewing some of the most inspiring and talented people, all of whom have faced many challenges to achieve the success we see today.

Kick starting this series is the phenomenally talented, Ex Army Officer Nico Wills, who fast becoming one of the most recognized photographers of the day and famed for his portrait, travel and conservation pieces.

(Captain Guy Disney, Amputee, successfully completed but the Walking with the Wounded North Pole (2011) and South Pole (2013 challenges).

When did your interest in photography start?

Growing up my Dad had an Olympus 35mm film camera that went everywhere with us. I remember the first time he showed me how to line up the little prisms through the viewfinder to focus. I remember at the time just loving playing with that and changing the depth of field, it was like magic to a small child! What got you hooked?

Learning how to compose and then that satisfying ‘click’ as you take a photo and the shutter does its thing; it is like the camera speaking. Then the long wait as photos disappeared to be processed and that excitement of waiting for them to return. Digital has changed a lot of this with the ability to more immediately reward yourself with seeing the photo on the camera but there is still immense satisfaction to be gained when you look back at what you have just taken and know you have ‘the’ shot you wanted. What would you say