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The Rise of the Notebook

For a millennial, the idea of buying a paper notebook or diary may seem an unusual purchase, however if you are a habitual stationery lover, you are not alone; despite the onslaught of technology, the average person uses between 2 and 4 notebooks a year. One would think that paper and pen were a thing of the past, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Mr Wittington of Present and Correct, sales increase by 15-20% year on year for notebooks and diaries. He believes that despite millennials being digitally savvy, most are keen to re-discover products.

Luxury British brand Smythons note that their most popular product is the £155 lambskin diary. In the same vain, Moleskine, a mid-level stationery brand, with products starting at around £15 claim that 90% of their sales come from paper based products, namely notebooks and diaries.

Since the recession, there has been a common thought that the consumer is driven by price and bargains, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A notebook is a precious item, which has dual purpose. Day to day these pieces act as a utility product, but over the course of a notebooks life it harbors our most treasured thoughts, feelings, ideas and doodles.

Kathryn Parsons form Decoded has ‘kept every notebook for the past 12 years. They are a history of her dreams and doodles’.

The stationery market is a huge and at times overwhelming, but when it comes to sourcing lifelong collectible companion the market is quickly whittled down.

Here at Rollo London the focus has been to bridge the gap between an affordable every day journal and a high end collectors piece which you will treasure for a lifetime. With the iconic design, eye-catching charm and stunning cover material and printed pages, these beautiful notebooks are something truly special.


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