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Present and Correct

Whether you are simply a lover of stationery or part of the masterfully organised brigade there are two products which will never fail to fulfill your needs and keep you on the straight and narrow... you got it, pen and paper! This trusty duo will stand by your side at all times, whether artfully placed on your desk, whisked off to meetings, or simply stored in your brief case or hand bag ready that moment you need to take unexpected notes. Even better, these won't run out of battery and you can guilt free re-gift yourself these gifts several times a year! For your very own piece from one of the Rollo London collections look no further... Keep your eyes peeled for the the beautiful Rollo Charm, hidden internal details the personalization options. For product and sales

information contact: Follow us on Instagram @rollo_ldn

For your very own beautiful bespoke Rollo London stationery click below:


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