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Author of the Month - William Blake

Throughout this series, we will be writing a short overview of artists, poets, play writes and sculptors all of whom have helped shape Rollo London into the stunning stationery and notebook brand you see today. Each collection will continue to be dedicated to an artist we have been inspired by during the creation of a new range.

The first in the series is William Blake, born 28th November 1757 of British origin. He attended school until he was able to read and write, leaving at the age of 10. Further education was undertaken by his mother Catherine Blake.

Blake, known best as an English poet, painter and print maker. As with many artists, Blake was unrecognised during his life, but is now considered a seminal figure in the history of poetry and visual arts.

Blake, best know for his poems including Holy Thursday, The Sick Rose, the Lamb, The Poison Tree and The little Black Boy.

Blake was considered mad by many of his contemporaries due to his idiosyncratic views however he has been held is high regard by more recent critics for his creativity, ability to express himself and philosophical and mystical themes which underpin his work.

More recently, the BBC ranked Blake no.38 in the top 100 Britons of 2002.

For your very own Blake inspired notebook click the link below


A beautiful A5 Hard back casebound notebook, finished in the finest faux scotch grain material and adorned with our beautiful eyecatching greyhound charm. Chose from plain or gold edges, personalize with a hand written calligraphy note inside, gold initials or simple gift packaging.


The Blake collection can be produced with a bespoke logo so make beautiful company branded notebooks either for gifts or in house company stationery.



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