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Sealed with a Gift

As I sit here writing this blog, I’m glancing down at my trusty Blake notebook and matching Scott Journal with their beautiful butter soft covers, gorgeous gold charms and iconic features which fill me with inspiration and the desire to write.

I’m not alone. There are hordes of stationery fanatics with the same feeling, many of whom are posting beautiful imagery of their prize findings on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. I find it fascinating that today, despite an onslaught of technology there is such a thrill in posting pictures of paper products when surely these mediums alone should ensure we see such old fashioned products drift into the sunset and become a distant memory?

Not so, according to psychiatrists. It’s an accepted school of thought that ‘the back to school feeling one gets when buying stationery expresses a desire for control and independence’.

I totally agree with this statement. I won’t go anywhere without my favorite Cross pen and White and Gold Rollo London notebook. I feel smart, sophisticated and professional when I have these with me. I get a huge lift and tingle with that feel good factor when I whip these out of my bag for a meeting. A feeling of being inspired and totally in the zone; one I certainly don’t get when I use my Ipad for similar purposes. I can also rely on this old fashioned product not to run out of battery!

Aside from notebooks, things don’t get much better than being the recipient of a hand written note. The butterflies of excitement that appear in ones stomach when a beautiful envelope appears through your letter box and you have no idea who its from or whats inside. It a total surprise and more importantly someone has personally taken time out of their day to write. Its special.

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