The Art of The Hand Written

The modern world, offers a host of alternative forms of communication; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, telephone, text, fax and the list goes on and on. For many, having these types of communication at our fingertips are critical to day to day life, especially for business. That said, the vast majority of people would agree that such methods of communication are faceless, impersonal and in some cases an enigma.

Type into Google ‘The lost art of letter writing’, the sea of blogs and articles which pop up is almost overwhelming. The beauty of the hand written letter is the thought behind it. Paul Antonio, a renowned calligrapher who works for the crown office points out ‘Calligraphy isn’t just about writing,’ he says. “I always tell people calligraphy is 80 per cent thinking and 20 per cent writing’. Breathing, thought, posture, position, desk height is all key to beautiful calligraphy, and the single most important ingredient which make the finished product so special.

Ironically though, despite living through a digital revolution, the popularity of stationery and notebooks is growing year on year.