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Zero Waste Week was launched in 2008 to help schools, businesses, households and individuals reduce waste without filling up landfill. Designed to help recycle, up-cycle and find new innovative uses for redundant items, it also goes a step further to help us understand the materials products are made from and how they are made to ensure we are responsible about what we buy.

A core believes for Rollo London:

‘Every product you buy tells a story, whether that be where it comes form, how its made or who made it.’

‘Invest in what you buy and the rest will take care of its self’

Whilst it’s important that we reuse, don’t buy unnecessary goods and ensure we try not waste, by the time a product ends up in the consumers hands it’s been through hundreds of processes, each of which should be accounted for. Therefore, if you purchase from responsible brands who take care of how the product is produced, the overall impact will be significantly reduced. Implementing sound processes can be expensive, resulting in an increased unit price, however the saving in cost to landfill and the environment is significant and critical for the planet.

At Rollo London, not only do we carefully review our materials, supply chains and production processes, we also ensure every product has a low carbon footprint. Furthermore we believe in using a product to the end of its life, and creating beautiful, affordable pieces which you will keep, treasure and keep adding to forever.

So, go write, dream, create, remember, organise, scribble, doodle in your Rollo.



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