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What does it mean to be ENVIRONMENTALLY Sustainable?

Sustainability is a journey, a journey of the full life of a product and a story which we can all be a part of. Buy once, buy well. Use a product to the end of its life. Choice is a luxury which gives us the influence to change which in itself is empowering and exciting. Price is key, if it’s too low someone or something else is paying. Choosing products which are good quality and you will keep forever is sustainability.

Each and every one of us have a duty to work in a way which protects the environment. Fast fashion is the opposite to this. Be timeless, be elegant, sophistication is sustainable.

By Alex Fagan of Rollo London

Notebooks are seen as basic everyday throw away item, often binned when only half used as opposed to buying beautiful, sustainable products which not only account for their global impact, but ensure one takes pride in using until the last page and retains for posterity.

We believe that environmental responsibility isn’t just about a product which bio-degrades in 180 days but something which one uses until the end of its life and uses with pride.

By Rollo London


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