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30th March has become renound as ‘National Back up Day’. Traditionally this was set up to remind people to ‘back up’ technology. However, given the uncertain times we are living in, we have chosen to review this day with a new focus to see how we can shine a spotlight on alternative ways it can be interpreted to assist ourselves and those around us.

The Cambridge dictionary definition:

‘someone or something that provides support or help when something has gone wrong’.

With-in a matter of days, the world has ground to an almost complete holt leaving people, businesses and hospitals totally unprepared for what has hit them and almost no indication of what the future has to hold. On the other hand, the world has accelerated into an unprecedented overdrive to keep everything as ‘normal’ as possible. Even with these incredible efforts, what we previously knew as normal is no longer ‘normal’. For the foreseeable future there is no question that we will all be having to accept a new form of ‘normal’.

Change IS positive though; in the case of the UK, the country has never seen such ‘unity’ in recent times. Article after article highlights not only the desperation of the situation but also the amazing forms in which people are stepping out of their comfort zones to support in ways that only weeks ago one wouldn’t even imagine possible. This is ‘back up’ in its truest form.

With job losses, adjusting to working from home, losing friends and family, economic downturn or upturn (depending on your business), financial worries, health fears (both mental and physical) and much much more, we need to look at how we can be there as support for those around us.

We list some ideas below:

Write a plan. Any plan, any format, literally anything. From here you can start build a back up plan for yourself, your business, your friend or your family. Putting pen to paper is the best way if possible. The task of writing helps us to focus and our thought process flows more smoothly than it does when typing on a computer.


· Share skills and techniques. For example, encourage people to speak out and / or write a journal. It can be daunting and lonely working from home, therefore showing support and sharing techniques will be important for some.

· Plan ‘house party’ nights in to keep in touch with friends

· Use this time to plan, write and dream for the future

· Be proactive. Text friend and work colleagues to check in with them

· Share: share fun snippits, ideas and thoughts – technology and SM platforms makes this so easy.


· Working from home hard to adjust to, not only for oneself but also for companies who rely on colleagues working in teams or within an office environment.

· Set goals, write lists and plan a task calendar portion your time

· Communication. This is key to keeping everyone going and getting task completed in the best time frame and to the best quality.

· Take breaks.


· Be mindful and make time to think of others

· Include others in our activities – either in person if you live with them or via video conference if you live apart.

· Take exercise

· Offer your help to those in need

· Support government schemes and initiatives

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There are so many ways we can help support and act as ‘back up’s’. Our list doesn’t even scratch the surface but we hope it offers some new insights into ways you can use NATIONAL BACK UP DAY 2020.

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