30th March has become renound as ‘National Back up Day’. Traditionally this was set up to remind people to ‘back up’ technology. However, given the uncertain times we are living in, we have chosen to review this day with a new focus to see how we can shine a spotlight on alternative ways it can be interpreted to assist ourselves and those around us.

The Cambridge dictionary definition:

‘someone or something that provides support or help when something has gone wrong’.

With-in a matter of days, the world has ground to an almost complete holt leaving people, businesses and hospitals totally unprepared for what has hit them and almost no indication of what the future has to hold. On the other hand, the world has accelerated into an unprecedented overdrive to keep everything as ‘normal’ as possible. Even with these incredible efforts, what we previously knew as normal is no longer ‘normal’. For the foreseeable future there is no question that we will all be having to accept a new form of ‘normal’.