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MAY 2020

Through the duration of May, we will be focusing our campaign on growth, new beginnings, embracing challenges, team spirit, acceptance of change and of course a new kind of normal. We will be reviewing the progressive effects of how this Global pandemic has in fact shown huge positives and whilst one has to search quite hard to find them (at this stage), if we slow down or better still stop and look, they are there and startlingly obvious. A clue is in the last sentence!

What does May represent:

May’s birthstone is Emerald which symbolises love and success.

May’s flowers: Lily of the Valley, Crataegus Monogyna and Mayflowers. Especially poignant at the moment is Lily of the Valley which symbolises the ‘return of happiness’ and is the birth flower of this month.

May, named after the Greek Goddess Maia, who identified with Roman goddess of fertility Bona Dea.

May, a month filled with hope and sunshine. Not only is it the final month of Spring, we have started to see longer days, better weather and new life. Furthermore, we have passed the month of April which is typically full showers and coming into one of the most beautiful seasons of the year – Summer.

For most of us, this year (2020) has been marred heavily with the impact of Coronavirus. Whether that be emotionally, financially or physically…yet despite all the hardship which surrounds us daily, nature continues to grow and bring joy… all we have to do is pause for a moment and see what’s all in front of us.

It’s often only during times similar to those we are facing now, that when we have a chance reflect. A chance to re-invent ourselves, rejuvenate ourselves, re-evaluate life, make changes, focus on those closest to us, spend time with our families, find the real ‘us’, develop new personal strategies; buy once and buy well and get off the merry-go-round which only seems to get faster as the years pass. All such grounded ‘basic’ tasks, but ones many of us have lost touch with (not helped by social media). As such for some, these have become a real challenge.

We have some exciting interviews, blog posts, images and many tips on how one can ensure May 2020 is a really progressive month… hint number one: spend more time away from your computer and more time getting creative - retro but very fulfilling. Stay tuned...

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