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Life in a Journal

Whether you keep a diary or simply take notes, it’s said a recorded life is a rich life. There’s a certain magic to a notebook with a battered cover, dog-eared paper, doodles strewn across the pages, each end every mark documenting a moment in time and a life… of the book and its owner.

Our continually growing Rollo London collections capture the unfolding narrative of life of which the pages can be flicked through with great fondness, at any time. The character of pen on paper allows for so much energy and emotion to be translated onto the page. All treasured in a notebook, easily accessibly by being archived on a shelf.

Digital form maybe limitless but characterless and most often lost in ether.

Bringing together timeless elegance with a modern twist, Rollo pieces are designed to carry by your side daily and treasured long after the last page has been written upon.


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