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JUNE 2020

Throughout June we will be continuing our focus on growth and fulfilling the changes we put in to place earlier in the year. We will be observing in greater detail the positive effects of the Global pandemic and how it continues to shape us. We are seeing how the more traditional forms of entertainment fulfilment and education are making a comeback and beginning to underpin what we are widely seeing as a new ‘normal’. Time away from our screens and less time commuting is giving us the ability to enjoy the start of summer, revive ourselves, write paper diaries and even doodle …

What does June represent:

June is the first month of summer. The longest day is 22nd June when the clocks change and nights start to close in.

June claims two birthstones: Alexandrite which symbolises love, good fortune and luck and Pearl which symbolises wealth, love and protection as well as balancing karma, strengthen relationships and keep family safe.

Zodiac signs: Gemini and Cancer, both sociable, high energy, balanced signs which are full of life, intelligent, inquisitive and show durability in relationships.

National days: there are many but the most celebrated being Father’s day and International Yoga day

Juno, known as a counterpart to Greek Hena, Juno was an significant Italian Deity, the protector of Rome. Also believed to be the wife of Jupiter, Queen of the gods and goddess of childbirth and fertility.

June, is the start of summer and for many of us, the prospect of holidays is looming. We began to see new life during spring, which day by day has become established and now part of our seasonal outlook. The warmer weather is with us and all being well here to stay. Whist for most of us this year will remain a period of uncertainty, the sun and ability to spend time outdoors eases the pressures and is opening many people up to the opportunity of UK holidays, becoming green fingered, becoming creative, considering career changes and perhaps even living out of town.

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