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JULY 2020

Throughout July, our campaigns will be focused on exciting, fulfilling and inspirational topics which look to the future and the beauty of what’s on our doorstep. For Rollo, it’s a significant month where we will be celebrating our recently launched line of Coco pieces, which are fully UK manufactured, environmentally responsible and make for the most unique of day books. With life being put on hold for so many people and businesses alike, it is widely predicted that as life returns to normal, we will be looking to buy locally, buy in-season and events will be small and short notice. This is a change we can embrace with pride and an opportunity we should not overlook. We have seen a huge increase in loyalty to supporting local companies, buying British and only sourcing what we need rather than huge volumes of items we may need. This already is a positive step in the right direction for ourselves and the climate.

July: a month of holidays, end of term, relaxing, family time and traditionally the warmest month for the Sothern Hemisphere. It’s also a period for recovery. This year of all years we are hoping that life is starting to return to how we once knew it and praying that as the lockdown starts to lift, that in foreseeable future COVID19 will be a distant memory. However, despite the world startting to open up, many are still struggling as much as ever – if not with the virus itself, but the biproducts of the virus.

This month should be a fun filled one in which we can all become carefree and truly start to enjoy what we are now considering the new ‘normal’, but we mustn’t forget those who still need support.

What does July represent:

July, the seventh month of the year, the second month of summer and named by the Roman Senate in honour of Julius Ceaser.

On average it’s the warmest month in the Northern Hemisphere and coldest for the Southern Hemisphere.

The Festival of Poplifugia used to be celebrated on the 5th July, whilst Ludi Apollinares on the 13th July for several days afterwards.

Birth stone: Ruby

Birth flower: Water Lily – Purity of the heart and Larkspur, represents the strong bond of love. It signifies an open heart, ardent attachment to someone and the celebration of positivity.

Zodiac Signs: Cancer and Leo

Symbolizm: Month of Contentment

Special Days: Independence Day - USA

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