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From Notebook to Notebook!

How do you synchronise your digital notebook (laptop) with your traditional paper notebook?

Only a few years ago we thought we would be living in a paperless world, yet despite phenomenal advances in technology the majority of people rely on working with both, daily.

The questions therefore remain as to how one successfully combines the retro form of note taking with the sophistication of the digital alternative… and what the benefits are of each form as independent tools in their own right.

The beauty of a computer, phone or iPad is that everything is instant. Documents, emails, presentations, transfers, to name a few, all fly around ether without us even being aware. Business is faster, our lives are more efficient, news travels faster and never has the other side of the world been so close. So, what’s the catch?

A thought many of us ponder over is whether we have lost our creativity and ability to be in touch with ourselves as a result of living in such a fast-paced and media influenced situation?

Do we react much to spontaneously? Do we ever truly tune out from our phones? When we go on holiday do we ever sit down and read a (paper) book? Do we turn off Instagram, facebook or twitter? Do we doodle, paint or sketch? Do we write letters or simply resort to an email or epost card?

The truth is, NO to the majority of the questions above.

But all that said, the notebook and stationery market is one of the markets which grows consistently year on year. Despite a planet of gadgets, pen and paper is in hot demand.

It’s fair to say, we couldn’t live without a laptop, nor a phone, or a TV, Ipad etc… yet in the same vain we are learning there is a place for both. Participating in a meeting isn’t the same when you tap away taking notes. Engagement and productivity are significantly higher when writing by hand. However, following up a meeting with typed documents is far more successful and allows them to be shared with multiple people via email or other electronic forms.

In a similar way, sketching on an ipad isn’t the same as doodling in a notebook. But the follow on of taking images on an iPad, in turn allowing one to titivate a drawing at a later date is hugely constructive. As is the ability to use these photographed works, share them on Social Media and transform them into products which once would have been a timely and expensive process.

From a learning perspective, we all remember better when we put pen to paper. We construct better when we brainstorm on paper… but gathering information, formatting it onto its initial drafts and retrospectively editing until the final piece is completed is easier, faster and more efficient on a computer.

The take away? We need both in equal measure!

Rollo London takes great pride in pieces for the desk, office and home.

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