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According to research, on an average year air pollution accounts for around 36,000 deaths and is the largest environmental health risk we face today. Aside from human health which is affected by air quality, so are the flora and fauna around the globe.

So, what is Clean Air Day all about?

C.A.D is a national day to help improve the public’s understanding of air pollution. Furthermore, its helps our awareness and gives each of us a clear vision of what we can individually do to reduce it.

At Rollo London, we take great pride in our or methods of manufacture, our materials, our suppliers and our staff. We believe in working as locally as possible, reducing air miles, commuter miles and at every opportunity we select supplies and who have the same beliefs as us.

If we each do our bit, we will make a huge global impact.

As consumers, we all have a responsibility to buy safely and with the refts of information out there at our fingertips theres no excuse not to.

If you are looking for gifts, look no further. Rollo London has beautiful pieces for the desk, office, home and many day to day ‘must have’s’.

So go right, dream and scribble in your trusty Rollo London notebook designed to inspire you.

UK Made, Fully Sustainable



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