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As September looms, for many, the ‘back to school’ feeling will already be creeping in … and this year more so than ever. Whether you are studying at collage or working, this extended period of being at home will be met with mixed emotions. For those on furlough, the excitement of seeing colleagues and getting back to normal risks being overshadowed with the fear of change, re-adjusting and possibility that they may well not have a job to return to.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom!

With schools opening again, life heading towards some form of normality and party season in sight, there’s a lot to look forward to. For some, lockdown has offered a once in a lifetime chance to discover a host of new hobbies, sports and skills which in normal years would have remained on the back burner for another few months…if not forever. With a new season on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to reflect on everything we have achieved, and how better than to start a new term than with a fresh journal as reminder of everything we have accomplished.

The uncertainty of a second wave and winter looming with cosy nights in couldn’t be a better time to line up a list of winter interests to get stuck into.

Whether you are a planner or the fly by the seat of your pants type, a writer, doodler, artist, list writer or simply take notes, what could be more satisfying than creating a new plan for the start of term.

We believe anything you put down on paper is valuable. It’s a moment in time. A thought process which provides the foundations to new ideas. As Will Self said; “Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.”

These memories should be kept for future reflection in a beautiful book filled with ideas and memories.

If you are working from home, why not re design your office for Autumn and fill it with beautiful pieces to motivate you going forwards? All our Rollo products are works of art in themselves. The sculpted charm on the Rollo books and the hand drawn pattern on the Otto collection, each hand designed to give something extra special and brings a new dimension to your day.

So, go write, dream, create, remember, organise, scribble, doodle in your Rollo.



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