An Interview with Jessica May, Lead Vet of First Vet, the UK's first Tele-medicine practices.

Jessica May, Lead Vet of FirstVet UK has leaped from long days of physical vet practice in her home county of Herefordshire to city life and digital consultations. An inordinately large challenge but one she has embraced with passion and adjusted to with relative ease. Whilst human teli-medicine practices have been becoming more prominent of late, the vetinary world has taken time to catch up. FirstVet offers the UK's most comprehensive platform, at a time when we need it more than ever. With the eyes of the world focused on the NHS, its easy to forget that our fluffy friends still require regular medical attention and with vet practices closed this will be causing widespread panic. FirstVet unwittingly launched at a globally critical time and from what we hear it's one of the truly positive growth stories of the Pandemic so far.

When did you decide you wanted to become a Vet?

I decided that I wanted to become a vet when I was about five. This dream started to become more of a