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Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling day has become one of the most important of the environmental calendar shining a light on how critical the global situation has become.

The last decade has been the hottest on record and we are now facing an emergency of un-paralleled proportions. Without drastic changes we will witness further rising temperatures, melting of ice caps and deforestation. The impact is not only to animals and tree’s but communities and livelihoods too.

Recycling is now being embraced in the UN’s sustainable development goals 2030 and many governments and taking action to support the global green agenda.

As noted by ‘Global Recycling Day’

‘Recycling is a key part of the circular economy helping to protect natural resources. Each year The Seventh Resource saw 700m tonnes of CO2 emissions and this is projected to increase to 1 billion tons by 2030. There is no doubt recycling is on the fort line in the war to save the future of our planet and humanity.’

We at Rollo London are doing what we can to be environmentally responsible.

For responsible office stationery and luxury gifts look no further.

For Corporates, our Coco range is the most environmentally savvy of them all.

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