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Environmentally friendly production?

Responsible production - Why FSC?

One of the most regular questions asked when clients look to purchase products is ‘do you use FSC suppliers’ and ‘what does it mean’. However, FSC paper alone doesn’t count for responsible production.

There seems to be a knee jerk reaction to using FSC with little understanding to what this process actually means or involves.

What is FSC

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) have undertaken the mammoth task of identifying each stage of the paper process by introducing a scheme which tracks and certificates certain forests, mills, distribution agents and print houses all of whom must be certificated and comply with the strict rules and regulations. All parts of the chain must be licenced for an end product to be allowed to carry the FSC label.

What do FSC do?

FSC takes care of the trees, people and animals who call the forest their home. This process aims to ensure responsible use, growth and cutting down of plants, namely trees. Trees are critical to the environment and irresponsible destroying of these plants will not only effect those who rely on the forest to live, but unquestionably expedite climate change. With a strategic FSC system in place the aim is to create a strictly managed process.


Trees are critical. As one of the largest plants on the planet they provide us with oxygen and store carbon, stabilise soil and offer a home and give life to the wildlife. Furthermore, they provide materials for human use as building materials, a source of heating, paper and much more.

Its not just FSC which ensures responsible production:

There are many other elements which must be considered when producing an environmentally responsible product.

By way of examples, it’s all well and good using FSC papers and an FSC certified factory but if you are going to cover the product in plastic, use chemical inks and ship it across the globe by air you may as well have not bothered. Of course there are times where this can’t be avoided, and of course it’s better to use some regulated materials than no regulated materials, however we must be aware of these added elements and adopt methods to keep these to a minimum at every possible opportunity.

Options could be to use local factories, make to order, ship by sea or road and use vegetable-based inks. There are many alternative packaging options such as paper wraps, card or even biodegradable plastic.

At Rollo London we are proud to fly the UK flag and at every possible turn we have tried to enforce methods which are environmentally responsible. It’s not always possible to achieve this one hundred percent of the time but we try!

For responsible office stationery and luxury gifts look no further.

For Corporates, our Coco range is the most environmentally savvy of them all.

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