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Introducing Coco

Smart, sophisticated, savvy and eco-friendly… meet Coco, and yes, she means business.

Produced in the UK from FSC, REECH and ISO compliant materials, our Coco books are as smart and environmentally friendly they come.

These stylish pieces make for the most striking of notebooks. Working with natural materials and becoming environmentally responsible does not mean basic or inelegant. Simply put, nature requires us to work it rather than it working with us, as so many synthetic materials have been designed to do. This in itself means we must put nature first and forge new skills to respond accordingly, thereby allowing creative talents to engineer techniques to achieve the same results.

Coco is a case in point.

Embracing a new minimalist look, Coco retains all the fundamental characteristics of the Rollo London brand whilst carving her own path. Tactile, tangible, sharp lines, elegant finishes, monochrome colour pallet and environmentally friendly, these make for a very beautiful new character hitting the stationery market.

That said, manufacture has not been straight forward, requiring exceptional attention to detail, tweaking of materials and new techniques to be developed.

The Coco line is both Retail and B2B with a spear headed approach to everyday stationery. Market research has shown that whilst human nature is keen to embrace climate change, it does come at a price. If the cost is too high, many simply won’t pay. This is seen time and time again with large scale companies compromising the environment by purchasing cheaply but not responsibly. Coco has been developed with this in mind and offers a safe and affordable solution to the problem. Solutions come in stationery cupboard everyday books and upgraded hard cover casebound books. COCO

With the stationery market valued at *90m in 2018 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% its critical we recognise the impact this market has on the environment, flora and forna and climate change alike. In recent years we have seen considerable rise in education and start-ups thereby contributing to higher levels of employment. Furthermore, there has been increasing encouragement to re-engage with pen and paper. Technology has proven imperative to our day to day lives, but in certain areas it does not to have such a strong hold; proving in some cases to have a negative effect mental health and creativity. Both areas pen and paper unquestionably has the opposite effect.

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