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Is it true notebooks help the creative thought process?

Many people believe that whilst technology provides access to many new and exciting ideas however simultaneously it can be a stop original thinking in its tracks.

Here’s what we discovered…

Awakens the inner creative and inspires originality

There’s nothing like a blank page to inspire creativity. With the absence of distractions, namely the internet, Pinterest and similar platforms, we are forced into an original thought process. Our creative mind is free to wonder, and our notebooks are free to record… There is nothing to stop our flow and no delete button to erase the previous creations in our journey. More often than not it’s the development of past ideas which lay the invisible bones of our final pieces.

Improves mental health

It’s a well-known fact that technology escalates and in many cases the root cause of anxiety. Ease of data sourcing, limitless social media platforms, Apps, multiple channels of communication, all addictive distractions, encouraging regular flicking between programs which, in turn prevent creative flows from blossoming into original and innovative ideas.

A notebook offers only itself. We are forced to slow down to the speed at which we can write, process and imagine, thereby allowing ourselves to fulfil our creative needs.

Data bank

Technology works in the moment, we have the ability to add, edit and delete work as we go along, in the process erasing forever the very heart of where our creative thought process began.

Creativity is made up of layers of ideas which grow, development and form something final as time goes on. We need the past to forge the future.

Enhances education and learning

The practice of writing stimulates the part of the brain that processes information, allowing our minds to form original thoughts. Typing doesn’t have the same effect.

When we write, doodle and scribble we connect with our ideas in a truly distinctive way, which often only makes sense to the creator… this is the it’s the beginning of something special.

Digital devices encourage us to assume information is constantly accessible. Taking notes on a digital device is as short lived as the last time item we looked up online.

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