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Does Writing effect the brain?

Does putting pen to paper effect the brain?

According to numerous studies, writing can serve as a relaxing, calming and meditative tool. It is well known that writing a helpful platform to cope with stress and aids the memory with retaining information. Keeping information in a written format drastically reduces stress by allowing us to process as we translate thoughts into the words. In the same vain, writers and story tellers have the ability to plant ideas, emotions and thoughts into the brain of the reader.

How does writing effect our brains?

According to studies, the area of the brain linked to speaking and writing is the frontal lobe. The same part of the brain is associated with movement, judgement, problem solving and planning.The Parietal lobe interprets words and language. If this area of the brain is damaged a common problem can be spelling and writing.

Does writing help us remember?

The act of writing stimulates a collection of cells in the bottom of our brain – Reticular Activating System. This system filters all information our brains need to process allowing us to place more attention on what we are currently focusing on. To translate this further, the act of writing brings information to the front of our minds and triggers the brain to pay closer attention.

Is writing important?

In short, very. We learn, process, remember and progress through writing. It’s not only a form of development but a record of a moment in time and form of therapy which cannot be replicated to the same extent through technology.

Does writing help everybody?

Yes. If you don't know where to write start with a blank piece of paper and write the first thing that comes to mind - anything; your name, what you had for breakfast, list of things you have to do today... literally anything. Once you start flowing you will quickly find that the page fills up with some profound, helpful and fascinatingly personal information. How this information is used is up to the individual, but its a great exercise which at the very least will clear the mind!

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