An Interview with Catherine Alliott

Next up in our interview series is an intimate discussion with our all time favourite author and Rollo London fan Catherine Alliott. Known for her romantic novels, she now has 15 to her name and is in the process of penning the next one - we can't wait!

Describe a day in the life of Catherine Alliott?

My normal day involves feeding the animas first - we have sheep, chickens, bantams, an aviary, dogs and horses - which in the winter takes about forty minutes and in the summer, about ten. Then I settle down to write. If I'm doing the first draft I can write anywhere that takes my fancy as I write in longhand. So depending on the weather I could be in the garden in a deck chair, or by the fire in the sitting room. I stop whenever I feel hungry which is at about 1.30, but by then the dogs are desperate for a walk so I take them quickly round the fields, tummy grumbling. I usually come back and have a bowl of soup because I don't have to think about it! In the afternoon I'll either ride one of the horses, or meet a friend for a cup of tea, or go to the supermarket and generally catch up on the day. Every evening without fail - if we're in - I have a gin and tonic and two cigarettes at 6.00 pm. Then a bath, then my husband comes home and we have supper, then the television goes on and bed after the ten o'clock news.