An Interview with Charlotte Surridge

During this series have been interviewing some of the most inspiring and talented people, all of whom have faced many challenges to achieve the success we see today.

Next up is the co-founder and head of PR for Swannack Made, a British company who not only champion female cricketers but with generations of family knowledge have branched out to set up a stand alone, made to order cricket bat company.

Tell us about Swannack and the industry?

Swannack makes exclusive cricket bats that are all designed, sourced and made in the UK. Something that very few other brands can claim to do. We personally source and manufacture each willow tree enabling us to have full control over the quality of wood that each bat is made out of. By only using the top three grades of willow in our bats, we can proudly say that any player using a Swannack will have the best quality bat available. Cricket as a game has been around for hundreds of years and although the manufacturing process for making bats has modernised the materials used have stayed the same. The best quality bats are made out of English Willow so maintaining a constant supply of trees for a growing industry is of upmost importance. Each tree that is felled is personally replanted by us and over the last few years we have spent time working with farmers/land owners showing them that any wet land they may have previously deemed unusable is actually a perfect place for willow tree plantations. As a family we have five generations of cricketing knowledge and have spent a lot of time pouring that expertise into our new bat range. We make bats that you'll be proud to own. And bats that we're so proud of we stake our name by them.