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Sustainability and Environmental Policy



To successfully incorporate the three pillars of our policy and produce beautiful products which our customers will treasure.




ROLLO LONDON acknowledges that, as a globally active business, we have an impact on the environment. We take responsibility for this by selecting our suppliers with the utmost diligence, guaranteeing we only use certified companies whilst upholding internal standards and simultaneously incorporating social and economic sustainability platforms, each of which keep our impact to a minimum.




ROLLO LONDON has retained its policy to grow organically and remain financially independent, thereby ensuring successful short and long term strategies can be implemented. As a consequence, these have the freedom to become clearly tailored as the direction of the company, and the requirements of our clients, continue to mature.


We work and continue to develop the company within a triangle of three main pillars: the environment, the business, and society ensuring a sound framework for long term growth.




At ROLLO LONDON we implement high standards of employment alongside our open-minded approach to personal development.


We nurture long term relationships with our employees, suppliers and clients with each party made aware of their importance to one another and ROLLO LONDON as a company.


ROLLO LONDON retains a strong family environment in which every person is nurtured and has a clear understanding of their role whilst being encouraged to be a team player. We believe communication and a clear approach to a development is critical in the underpinning of a positive and sustainable company. 


We allow flexible working hours and remote working where appropriate, providing it is not detrimental to the productivity and wellbeing of our staff, clients or the company. 




ROLLO LONDON remains a lean, family owned business which allows the brand to focus on core values without external pressures or distractions. This provides a platform for us to make financial, environmental and supplier related decisions with relative speed, ensuing we don’t lose sight of our goals and guaranteeing that we retain our commitment to our core values. 




ROLLO LONDON takes every opportunity to work with local branches of each of our suppliers, always striving to produce products at the factory nearest the final destination of the product. The goal being to become as ‘Globally Local’ as physically achievable. Whilst this isn’t always possible, we will always endeavour to realise this.


We believe environmental sustainability is not simply about products that biodegrade, but one where the full journey of the product, from how the material is made, where it is made and how the product is made, is clean. Many bio-degradable materials are in fact very much not environmentally friendly in the nature in which they are made… such information is never publicised.


Furthermore, we believe a beautiful product will be cherished and kept indefinitely. This prevents them from going into landfill and encourages people to use the product to the very end of its life. This is in itself is sustainability. 


ROLLO LONDON makes to order to prevent waste. This can be more costly but ensures that every client receives exactly what they wish for which in turn prevents discarded product and further waste.



We aim to ensure our supply chain is certificated. Furthermore, we employ suppliers with the same values as we have within the business.

Compliance - see certification section. The headline qualifications we require include:

  • ISO

  • REACH 

  • FSC



It is not always possible for every supplier to obtain every certificate, however, we undertake a full in-house survey and ensure a clear understanding of their factory and manufacturing policies prior to working with them.




ROLLO LONDON has taken the sustainability process to the next level and undertaken projects with a waste management companies in order to gauge how our products are ‘picked’ and which path they take following disposal of the product. This detailed process allows us to understand the full journey of most pieces we produce and truly understand our products, and their impact, from the beginning to end of their life.




ROLLO LONDON prides itself on creating beautiful products which people will treasure. These books are carefully designed to sit beautifully in and amongst other books on shelves, retain their striking quality even after use, styled in sets and encourage people to use products until the very last page. Every detail from the paper, cover, charm, branding, look, feel, tangibility and over all style has been considered.




ROLLO LONDON supports FFI – a conservation charity which underpins almost all there is to know about the Fauna and Flora. We are proud to have associations with this charity and continue to support and encourage their work.




Rollo London acts to reduce environmental impact of its activities on a daily basis both in the studio and in the production process.


Packaging is kept to a minimum at all opportunities. 

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