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Rollo Mission Statement



Rollo London was born after noticing a gap in the market. The aim was to develop a range of environmentally friendly, sustainable stationery pieces which were eye-catching, elegant and unique whilst still remaining affordable. Whilst the market was flooded, very few offered the full package. The majority were vanilla in design, overpriced, imported, made from plastic or a combination of all the above.


For Rollo London, the core emphasis was to create a business which had the ability to become ‘Globally Local’. To achieve this we not only had to undertake the task of developing a product which could be made in bulk whilst maintaining its quality, originality and ecological credentials but also ensure we built an integrated supply chain by partnering with suppliers who could supply us with materials locally or offer a sustainable ‘route to market’ across numerous territories


All our suppliers have to meet our internal standards and supply a range of local and globally recognised certifications: ISO, REACH and FSC to name a few.


One of the most important elements to ensuring sustainability is to understand your risk. 

Rollo London has a clear understanding of its risk and the requirements of our stakeholders. Understanding this enables us to minimise our environmental impact whilst maximising the impact our product makes to our clients.


One of the key elements is our ability to manufacture every corporate product to order, allowing us to guarantee each run is totally bespoke, meets clients brand guidelines and keeps waste to an absolute minimum.


Every Rollo London product is designed to be affordable and treasured. By investing in a piece of Rollo London you know you are supporting a responsible brand, our policies, our people, our products and can be sure each piece is as sustainable as it can possibly be.


As a brand, Rollo London offers a wide range of products under its three core collections: Rollo, Otto and Coco. The ranges are eye-catching but also completely environmentally friendly and fit with our 360 degree brand sustainability policy, and they cover everything from our everyday stationery requirements to the most stunning luxury gifts. Products are available across corporate, retail and wholesale markets and built to allow clients to create large or small volumes of bespoke pieces using technology and in-house design platforms.