The Story of Rollo the Greyhound

Rollo, the face behind the brand… but why?

Whether you own a dog or not, there is little doubt that most people have an affection towards these four-legged friends. Dogs radiate love, kindness, loyalty and much more.

Dogs are often employed as company logos, in the most unlikely of adverts, on tv commercials and bill boards… but what is it about the magical canine that makes it so versatile and appealing?

They are curious, cheeky creatures who bring joy to life often getting up to mischief. These noble hairy friends have become man’s partner in life.

The greyhound is however one of the most regal and elegant of them all. They represent independence, strength, sophistication, character, free spirit, love, loyalty and often push boundaries. All of which are fundamental pillars to the foundation of a business, especially Rollo London.

For Rollo London, Rollo himself is particularly special and very much part of the family.

Rollo with his boundless energy, lust for life and cheeky nature and sheer elegance has become the the very 'being' which underpins the brand.

The Otto collection demonstrates his cheeky, curious, yet sophisticated nature with the perfect balance of illusion and colour.

The Coco collection demonstrates the sophisticated, no nonsense part of his nature with clean lines and sharp finishes.

Whilst The Rollo collection demonstrates the striking, charismatic, detailed and fine tuned aspects of his nature, finished off with the eye catching charm showing off his unforgettable sparkle.

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