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Growing up with her brother in a rural Buckinghamshire, time was filled with outdoor activities. Life was idyllic Alex remembers. ‘We were free range children running around able to amuse ourselves’. Coming from a practical family who designed and built everything (including a house), ‘we were always taught to be self-sufficient’. ‘If you need it, make it…’ a philosophy which underpinned Alex’s future career.

Alex’s love of fashion began at a young age, always dressed in hand me downs, hence the desire for stylish elegant clothes. The dream started by adapting outfits with the help of her mother, an expert needle woman.

The design projects didn’t stop there. No sooner had Alex completed her finals in Real Estate Management than the 2008 recession hit making it almost impossible to follow her intended career path. It was at this point Alex turned to her practical up-bringing where she set about honing her leather and creative skills, later going on to set up Beauchamp’s of London a luxury leather accessories brand. Taking inspiration from her surroundings whilst sourcing materials locally and factories close to home, it was always a dream to be truly British, not just a British brand.

Being so consumed by the passion of design and development of the brand, Alex was up late at night for months creating samples of her designs. Pieces were worn by royals and celebrities alike. The brand went from strength to strength, but a trend was becoming apparent. Enquiries were coming in for British designed and British made gifts for events. People wanted luxury items with a bespoke feel but at an affordable price. Alex remembers ‘There was an air of boredom with the current offerings on the market’. Embracing the challenge, Alex undertook a large research project which provided a clear picture of the requirements. Not long after, Rollo London was born.

The Rollo London collections very much echo Alex’s ethos. They are sophisticated and elegant whilst ensuring each piece has a character of its own. Furthermore the timeless design and quality allow every item to be cherished long after the last page is finished.

Asked about the brand vision, Alex remarks, ‘the dream was to build a brand which could be delivered, manufactured and produced in volume, globally without effecting the quality or personality of the product’. Since setting up the brand Alex has undertaken projects for some of the world’s largest airlines, corporates and lifestyle companies. Now, with over a decade of experience Alex knows what it takes to deliver beautiful products internationally. Alex says ‘The key has been working and designing with our the capabilities of our exceptional supply chain in mind’. If we work with their strengths, there is no reason not to always supply stunning pieces, always.​

What next? 2020 has seen a global uptake in people working from home, allowing the brand to grow by embracing the desk as a whole whilst simultaneously introducing many new homeware items. With a nature for supporting British Brands, UK made and Brexit, the ability to transform a room into an office in an instant has been achieved by Alex and her team… and who couldn’t resist a full desk set adorned with Rollo himself!

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